Development of brand fundamentals, brand identity and campaign development for an insurtech scale-up that makes insurance work for everyone.

Alicia is an insurtech scale-up that addresses a growing societal problem; insurance gaps amongst independent workers. They offer personalised, pay-per-use insurance directly embedded into the world’s leading work platforms. 
The Rotterdam company is founded by former insurance exec Marijn Moerman, CTO Richard Arnold and Alec Behrens, founder of


Containr Affairs & Foster & Kin were tasked to collaboratively develop the Alicia brand from scratch. Ranging from brand fundamentals to brand identity and from content strategy to employer branding, we created one consistent brand story - turning a tech solution into an insurtech brand ready for hyper-growth. 


Alicia is insurance for 'Generation On-Demand'. Today, consumers want products and services whenever they use them, right then and there. And when they’re not using them… well, then… they don’t want them. It’s that simple. The world of insurance is not built for flexibility and struggles to keep up. Hundreds of thousands of food delivery riders participate in traffic uninsured. Thousands of parcel delivery drivers are handling orders, uninsured. There’s a freelance consultant right now, working on the biggest job of her life, uninsured.

That’s where Alicia comes in. They identify and solve protection gaps in the platform economy by offering personalised and pay-per-use insurance directly embedded into online platforms. It's the democratisation of insurance.

Alicia is a brand with a POV, which we - inspired by the no-nonsense Rotterdam roots of the brand - we wanted to bring across in a brutally simple way. This brought us to the articulation of Alicia’s mission statement: ‘make insurance work for everyone’. First stop; the world of work. 


We started crafting the brand fundamentals and developing talking points for sales and PR conversations. From there we developed the brand identity ‘Alicia is typing’, further personalising the brand name into a character that has a point of view on a societal issue. After the identity we developed a content- and marketing strategy focusing on growth.