Richard Burger

Founder of Swapfiets

"Amazingly passionate and experienced people at Foster & Kin. We always start talking about global, environmental and societal challenges, almost forgetting we also need to discuss business. Constructive conversations with very diverse points of view help small ideas grow into big plans."

Freddy Tratlehner

Musician, artist, food influencer

"Great people to work with, clear and passionate. They always think of the bigger picture. It's exceptional that an agency has great taste in how brands should behave culturally as well as knowing how to actually build a proper business. Can't think of a better partner and shareholder for my vegan food brand."

Fiona Salem

Account Director at Foster & Kin

"I joined the team because I’m attracted to variety - and that you’ll get in abundance. My background is in advertising so it’s pretty refreshing to work on projects which aren’t always strictly in that world. Working with start-ups and scale-ups means we collaborate with people who are genuinely passionate about making innovative stuff (and trusting us to do it), without all the hurdles large corporations face. And lastly, as cliche as it might sound, the team really do make my day. Our conversations (and ideas) are peppered with the most interesting references - whether it’s a science phenomenon they read about, nostalgia for subculture (and pop culture let’s be real), or a fashion brand that’s doing something mind blowing. It’s a lot of fun."

Doortje Smithuijsen

Journalist / Documentary Maker / Philosopher

"Foster & Kin offers you full freedom as a journalist. It's an agency that rather than sending a directional briefing, starts a conversation with you because they're genuinely interested in the best stories and most interesting ways of telling them. Quite the opposite of traditional advertising if you ask me."

Leontien van der Vlist

Chief Operating Officer of Tilaa

"We started our adventure with F&K in 2020, giving a simple idea wings. They delivered a spot on brand strategy that stands as strong as a house, as sharp as a knife, enduring any wind of change that a tech scale up like ours naturally goes through. Tilaa has all the potential to grow into the cult brand we’ve envisioned together. Now that we’re slowly growing, the strategy keeps inspiring us, guiding us through the rough seas of big tech competition. With every single one of us embracing one core idea, we shape our identity and our future. I can not emphasise enough how important the foundation of your brand is. This is why I highly recommend F&K as a partner to join you on this fantastic journey."

Nicole van Thoor

Founder & CEO of Spargle

"Foster & Kin is a strategic, inspiring and innovative collective who have a different view on brand building. It’s rare for an agency to really listen to a client and feel what’s going on. It’s even more rare to be spot-on when translating your input into a new brand story that feels both fresh and familiar. They have done an excellent job in building a new Spargle brand that truly touches people."