De Kiesmannen

An engaging content strategy for ‘De Kiesmannen’ to inspire young people to vote.

De Kiesmannen is a creative agency focused on social innovation. They create compelling campaigns, teaching programmes, and theatre shows to activate people around social issues. Around elections, they launch major productions to attract young people to the ballot box and help organisations and governments transform social issues into stories.


Although De Kiesmannen are specialists in delivering compelling programs, they struggled with their communication on social channels. Our task was to develop a social content strategy targeting young, somewhat socially engaged people, with the goals of increasing awareness of De Kiesmannen, growing fan engagement, and considering limited production budgets and resources.


Improving the somewhat dry social content was straightforward. Taking inspiration from De Kiesmannen’s theatrical output, which conveys political themes in a sexy, original, creative, and funny way, we aimed to replicate this spirit on their social channels. We created a range of content formats embodying this theatrical essence.

By avoiding the algorithmic trap of 'TikTokifying' everything, these in-depth yet entertaining stories not only enhance followers' understanding of social issues, political parties, and the democratic system but also encourage them to become active citizens.

We translated these formats into a simple content calendar and prepared Canva templates for each format, enabling anyone on the team to create their own stories while staying on-brand. As a result, content engagement went up significantly. So did talent applications and follower count.