Dekmantel x Salomon

Initiating a cultural credibility exchange between Dekmantel and Salomon

Dekmantel Festival is one of the world’s leading forward-thinking electronic music festival promoters, organising events in Brazil, Australia, Croatia, and their home base in The Netherlands. The annual Dekmantel Festival in Amsterdam’s forest is their main event. Salomon is primarily known as a high-quality performance brand and has accelerated its relevance and sneaker designs in the fashion footwear segment in recent years, and is no stranger to collaborations. 


Unlike your average agency project, this one was not initiated by Dekmantel nor by Salomon, but by Foster&Kin. After refining the mission and vision documents of electronic music pioneers Dekmantel, we initiated a brand partnership on their behalf after noticing the sheer number of people wearing Salomon sneakers at the Dekmantel Festival.


Intrigued by Salomon's commitment to pushing the boundaries of sports, a philosophy that resonates strongly with Dekmantel's approach to electronic music, we reached out to the French sports brand approximately with the idea of collaborating on a shoe. They immediately embraced the idea, and within a month of our initial correspondence, we submitted a design. We loved the idea of creating a shoe for dancers that works on all terrains, in all conditions and and so we created a design that captures the color palette of the Amsterdam forest and pays tribute to the most vital aspect of Dekmantel Festival: its dancers.

The shoe has been launched exclusively on and in our partner stores, VooStore in Berlin and Trés Bien in London. Additionally, the shoe was available for purchase at the festival site itself. Accompanied by a campaign, the project delivered a 100% sell-through of the product and generated lots of free publicity in press and on social media. It even turned into its an electronic music meme.