De Nieuwe Keuken

Launching the new meat replacement, including brand strategy and visual identity, launch event and festival activations.


As co-founders and investors in the brand we have built De Nieuwe Keuken with De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig’s Freddy Tratlehner, former Dekmantel Festival food curator Sophie Tielrooij and renown food developer Dennis Favier.


De Nieuwe Keuken replaces meat with vegetables in a series of delicious and sustainably produced products. Most meat replacement brands focus on substituting meat with a protein rich source such as soy, because they believe that protein is what needs to be replaced. Yet it turns out that we, Dutch people, eat more protein than we need but fail to eat enough vegetables.  80% of Dutch people don’t eat enough vegetables. Plus, at De Nieuwe Keuken we believe that meat is, for many people, the star of the meal.

Our strategy therefore is to build a brand of vegetable products so good you build your dish around them.


Our first product is Lekker Fred's Pulled Paddo's, which is available in three delicious flavors: Masala, Shoarma and Mexicano. It's a versatile product that can be used to make a shoarma sandwich, taco's, in curry's, on toasted bread, in salads, as a topping on your pizza - to name a few. It's now available at the online supermarket Crisp and available as a sandwich at Stach, with many more selling points to be added in the short future.

This summer we've done major brand activations such as the one at Best Kept Secret, where we were the first restaurant to sell all tickets. On Lowlands we were so popular that we sold more than 600kg of Lekker Fred's Pulled Paddo's - and still had to close early because there was nothing left to serve. New partnerships and activations coming soon!