Developing Return's brand strategy and visual identity. Return’s mission is to return the planet back to its natural state by accelerating the energy transition.

Stecc Capital is a hands-on investment company focusing on the energy transition and circular economy. Previous investments include Vandebron, Marie-Stella Maris and Sunrock. With a new company name and sharpened focus on the energy transition, Foster & Kin was tasked to create a brand for ‘Return’ from scratch.


Create a standout brand in a saturated category and explain a rather complex brand story in a simple manner.  


We took the complexity and scale of their mission and translated it into brand fundamentals so simple they could easily be retold at a dinner party, positioning Return as a ‘club of optimists’ who are building an energy transition invest & build platform. From there we created a brand identity and website, distinct from the repetitive aesthetics we’re used to seeing from the sector. As the elements play a huge role in generating and redistributing energy, we started working from there, using a color palette inspired by the ever-changing weather. We then built the website to adapt to the weather too; it takes your current location and mirrors the animation to your local weather report.


  • Brand fundamentals & brand story 
  • Identity design, website design
  • Website development 
  • Development of Keynote templates, Investor deck 
  • Team photography, brand photography 
  • Brand photography 

Check out the Return website here.