Screaming Beans

Evolving a small coffee roaster into a subscription based coffee brand for creatives: Brand architecture; Identity design; marketing strategy, campaign development

Screaming Beans is an Amsterdam based specialty coffee brand. Operating from a flagship store located in the heart of the city, the brand is now making a move into the world of D2C coffee subscriptions and B2B coffee solutions. To prepare for this new phase in its journey, the Screaming Beans brand needed a stronger foundation.

Throughout history, coffee has played a vital role in the creation of new ideas, which lead us to Screaming Beans’ brand mission: ‘to fuel the moments ideas are born’ and its brand positioning as the coffee brand for creatives. Ultimately, this positioning fits the DNA of the founders as well as it offers a clear product link. 

Next, we decided to relentlessly focus on UX. The Screaming Beans brand should go to great lengths to improve your coffee routine and this should radiate in every step of the customer journey. 

Positioning is also about what you decide not to focus on. In this case, we didn’t place Screaming Beans’ fair trade business approach at the centre of the brand story. In a future in which (hopefully) all coffee brands start operating more responsibly, we feel this should not be a positioning. It ought to be the default.

After establishing the Screaming Beans brand fundamentals, we created a new visual identity (in collaboration with Ashely Olsson), translated it into the retail environment and started using it in all other communications.

After a successful completion of the brand strategy trajectory, we took our partnership to the next level and became shareholders in the brand.