Creating a documentary series exploring the human side of the entrepreneurial journey in tech

Techleap is a network organisation that exists to help the Dutch start-up ecosystem today, so the companies of tomorrow can create a stronger and more resilient Netherlands. Techleap’s special envoy, Prins Constantijn van Oranje, aims for European leadership in ​tech. ​The ambition is to build the best start-up ecosystem in Europe. 

After winning a competitive pitch, Foster & Kin was tasked to create a content series that bridges across all of Techleap’s domains. Rather than creating a typical rags-to-riches entrepreneurial story, we chose a different, more ‘new world’ lens for the series. 

There are undeniable themes which play an incredibly important role in today’s tech industry: the importance of purpose, the impact businesses have on our climate, evolving attitudes towards work-life balance and leadership, transparency and accountability in employership and the ethics of people, planet and profit. 

‘All-in with Techleap’ explores the - often underexposed - human side of the entrepreneurial journey in tech. In 7 episodes, we uncover how today’s scale up leaders handle fast-paced growth and the difficult business decisions that come with it whilst navigating their personal values. 

Video episodes are distributed on YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram and newsletters. For those who prefer audio, we’ve distributed podcast versions of each episode as well. 

As Techleap’s value is community-driven, we aimed to welcome new founders into the Techleap community. To do so, we distributed a bonus episode exclusively for  newsletter subscribers in which our guests share business insights with fellow entrepreneurs.