Creating a documentary series exploring the human side of the entrepreneurial journey in tech

Techleap is a network organisation envoyed by Prince Constantijn. Over the last 3 years they’ve created synergies between leading Dutch tech companies and hosted scale-up programs and seminars to strengthen and grow the Dutch tech industry. 


Being a founder can be a lonely journey. So after winning a competitive pitch, Foster & Kin was tasked to create a content series that bridges across all of Techleap’s domains. Our challenge was to create content to strengthen the Techleap community and connect to a wider audience offering actionable insights.


Where most entrepreneurial books, documentaries and other media content typically glorifies the classic rags to riches entrepreneurial hustle, the honest truths about building and scaling a business are missing. ‘All-in’ portrays the entrepreneurial journey from a human and more personal lens.


Our 7 episode series depicts the often underexposed - human side of the entrepreneurial journey in tech - personal stories from 10 highly appealing tech scale-up founders and business leaders. We talked about their fears and struggles, about keeping a balance between work and their private life, ethics, navigating a company’s role in society and staying sane while scaling.