Repositioning an anonymous cloud hosting service into a brand with a POV.

Tilaa is a challenger brand in the world of Dutch VPS hosting services. They go beyond offering premium quality with their excellent sustainability credentials in an industry that heavily undervalues the importance of the planet. Tilaa’s proposition is to make VPS hosting flexible and reliable by combining a transparent cost structure and monthly subscriptions with a high operational reliability and importantly, an exceptional grade of security.


In an industry that is increasingly dominated by big (tech) players, brand is the most important competitive asset you have. So we were tasked with sharpening and rewriting Tilaa’s brand story to create a future proof, distinct brand.


Tilaa’s (new) brand mission is to provide space for new ideas. Ideas that need protection. It does so by offering a singular, fully secure, fully redundant DIY IAAS-solution.

For the brand positioning we drew inspiration from the story of Asterix. In the roman empire, the Gallic kept standing because they had their magic potion; an uncopyable trait that made them invincible. We asked ourselves, what’s Tilaa’s magic potion? What is it that their competitors will never be able to copy? We found our answer in independence.

Tilaa is an independent, non-conformist brand with a crystal clear and principled POV on security & privacy.


We leveraged bold clarity as the central element of Tilaa’s identity (created by Ashley Olsson) to give a well balanced and colourful mix of illustration, copy & photography. We’ve used a grid of pixels as our base. The only circle in the pixel grid represents Tilaa, ‘the odd one out’ in hosting. We used codes of activism across the communications, which we translated in witty, playful ways, positioning Tilaa as an outspoken brand with non-negotiable principles.

Our end product - the brand fundamentals - are wrapped into an internal culture document to onboard and guide Tilaa’s growing teams for a new phase in their journey.


  • Own-able visual identity - creating a space for Tilaa’s unique position.
  • Brand story including a POV for the brand.
  • Business development assets used for growth.